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Improving Natural Light

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In ancient times, light was the primary consideration of the architect and builder. The sun and it's position during the day prioritized the siting of the dwelling and it's openings. More light means more

Home Humidifiers

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Did you know that dry air can affect the respiratory system by taking moisture from nose and throat passages? This makes us more susceptible to colds and flu bugs. Dry air can take moisture

Choosing The Right Television For You

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Changing lifestyle priorities and the move to tablets has put less emphasis on a theater experience that was popular a few years ago. The design conversation is turning to hiding or disguising the television,

Sound Proofing For Condos

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It's important to note that noise is a two-way annoyance: If you can hear your neighbors talk on the phone or watch a movie that means they can hear you too. In this context, soundproofing

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